Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Never Forget"

First of all, I would really like to give a shoutout to @CockShittington for bringing this up today, it’s not like the media is going to remind Americans that white people can be terrorists too. 

On this day in 1995, Pennsylvania redneck and bonafied asshole, Timothy McVeigh, bombed a federal government building in Oklahoma City, killing women and children. His reasons for this attack are the fundamental problem with stupid ass rednecks today: misled by the media and refusing to acknowledge it. These stupid hillbillies screaming “I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK” are the same people who would support and condone what McVeigh did. They think the government is coming for them…yes….the government is coming after YOU, to take your guns and YOUR fucking freedom to walk around a POTUS with every inch of your body strapped with guns, just to prove an empty point. If I got within a 100mile radius of a worthless state senator with a fucking POCKET KNIFE, The Man would send Chives to Gitmo.

These rednecks who think the government gives a SHIT about the mini-armory they have, are the same ones who condone what McVeigh did. IF TIMOTHY MCVEIGH’S NAME WERE MOHAMMAD, WE WOULD BE REMINDED OF WHAT HAPPENED EVERYDAY. 

These backwards fucking idiots that think the government is hurting them, are the ones the government never investigates. Jared Loughner? NOPE. The Fort Hood shooter? NOPE. The hillbilly WHO FLEW A PLANE INTO A GOVERNMENT BUILDING IN AUSTIN?! NOOOOOOO. Did they ever catch the cracka who sent anthrax all over the country…? Probably fucking not. And you KNOW if McVeigh didn’t kill so many people, they probably would have let that cocksucker back onto the streets. 

Double Standards exist. Women cant fuck like men, ect. But the double standard regarding who is perceived as a terrorist is unacceptable. I don’t believe in heaven or hell, but on this day, I hope Timmy McVeigh is their, experiencing eternal torture.

Blacks in the 1960’s = Middle eastern/Arabs TODAY….instead of openly racist state governors and fire-hosing? Dick Cheney and the PATRIOT act. Police profiling? Military Commissions Act and Gitmo. Get at me dawg.

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