Tuesday, January 10, 2012

HBO: Home Boob Office

HBO and Showtime have some of the best shows on TV, primarily because they can say "fuck" and show boobs. This post may sound like I'm railing on the word "fuck" and titties, but it's more about how these are crutches to support tired plots of a show.

The people behind these higher-end shows, so to speak, are apparently pretty lazy because that's all their shows are nowadays. I'm not impressed at how often or cleverly they say FUCK, or express sexual tensions with softcore porn.

How about telling me an actual story? How about making me feel emotion? How about making me laugh at the appropriate time? Why is it that FX can create a mature, GREAT show in 2012 and HBO and Showtime can't?

Every single episode of Californiacation is David Ducoveny banging someone. As if broke writers can live like that and fuck everything in sight. Get the fuck out of here. Weeds....an embarrassment of a show called How To Make It America....what the fuck is this crap?

I haven't watched one minute of Game of Thrones, but from EVERYYYYYONE who I've talked to who HAS watched it has told me it is essentially fantasy porn for nerds and emasculated married men. I don't care about sword fighting and world domination....it's 2012, we have guns that have grenade launchers on them. Move on.

Fuck it, I'm going to go watch Workaholics or something good.

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  1. you are a moron
    you don't watch a show because of what one of your ass bag friend tells you....and then you say I'm going to watch workaholics?
    i have a good use of the f word for u...how about get a fucking life and learn to form your own opinions.