About Chives

I don't ever know what to put here, so I will just ramble for a minute. I’ve lived in College Station for the last five years, however, my life is unfortunately still back in Houston. I never moved here in my mind, and it’s a problem. I am the first person to acknowledge my glaring flaws. I'll also acknowledge my fucking genius, and you will too.

This Blog is gonna be my outlet. I have shit to say that will get your dicks hard, and your pussies wet. I may say extremely irrational things out of pure emotion. I feel that my 1st Amendment rights are somewhat hindered by my Persian ethnicity, and that is another reason I am looking to this blog as a source of expression without feeling defensive, and to facilitate a great exchange between the good people that will waste their valuable time skimming my thoughts.

Reverand Chives: A marijuana and hash oil enthusiast, a glass pipe and art connoisseur, a die-hard Houston sports fan, a sort of proud Texas A&M Fightin Aggie, a Humanist…I am so full of shit.