Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Living Just Enough for the City

To the PLAYERS in this "lockout",

You are all full of as much shit as the Owners. Don't think y'all are swaying opinion with yall’s victim-based PR campaign. All day on twitter I got to see you mutherfuckers bitching and complaining about "not being able to work"…MUTHERFUCKER hit the gym; what you can only workout in a state-of-the-art NFL facility?

Y'all are fucking ATHLETES. None of y'all assholes have EVER opened a book, much less a goddamn newspaper, and I am supposed to sit here and watch you try and be politicians?

I’m not saying I condone the owners doing it, but those guys are The Man. They make the rules. They are the politicians. The athletes playing politics is NO DIFFERENT than the watching the owners strapping on pads and playing on Sundays.

No matter how much the players bitch, they are bitching to people that live in the real world. It’s not that NFL players have golden cocks and live lavish lifestyles compared to their opponents, the owners. However, in the real world, smart people can’t find work sometimes, and stupid and/or irresponsible people are hogging the world's wealth. NO ONE wants to EVER hear complaints from people who playing a fucking GAME for a living. They walk into a club, and club-rats fall on their dicks. They get to eat like dinosaurs.

So this post is dedicated to you, Eric Winston and Vonte Leach and Jason Babin….this post is dedicated to you wearing that big and tall Armani rip-off on capitol hill, wasting tax dollars, acting like what you're doing is patriotic and for the fans.

If you want us on your side, y'all should take a page from history. The labor will never win; the owners are the same people you all are appealing to for "help". Manage your money; I'm not saying that you have to be financially slick, but you have more than enough income to pay a financial analyst or money/asset manager to DO IT FOR YOU.

I can totally relate to, or at the very least understand the mindset of most players regarding getting that first contract. But if you can be disciplined on the line of scrimmage and handle yourself professionally on the field, there is absolutely no reason why the players cannot handle the newfound responsibility of wealth, and the deserved and great opportunity to HOLD ONTO that wealth forever.

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  1. I don't like the owners for obvious reasons but you're right. It can't be hard for someone to say "HEY if you're too lazy, get someone to personally handle your finances". Seems like a no brainer in that respect.

    Good stuff Chives.