Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Saint Arnold's Brewery Tour

Here are a bunch of pictures of the Saint Arnold's brewery. If you live in Houston, this is a must. The actual tour was not the most captivating thing. However, it is crazy cheap and simple to get drunk.
Driving and walking up to this building was awesome. Old parts of Houston got such personality. They usually aren't my scenes, but I DO enjoy seeing those places now and then. 
Saint Arnold, apparently.
Right when you walk in, the smell of Saint Arnold's beer. I wanna say I was initially hit with the amber smell...
The Beer Hall:

The Beer Hall is what I would imagine those old timey, old English style mess hall, where all of King Aurther's groupies would get hammered drunk after a long day of pillaging. Anyways. 
The five Saint Arnold varieties (and the summer seasonal): Lawnmower, Weedwacker, Brown Ale, Amber Ale (the original), Elissa IPA, Summer Pils, and Root Beer. 
I absolutely loved this part of the visit. The tour started at around 3:30pm, but the taps opened up at 3:00pm. We got there a bit early so we could get tickets, glasses, and tokens. The bar was so simple, but I loved that about it. I like simple design. 
A token gets whatever glass you brought a nearly full poor. This is the free glass. 

This was my first pour up, and I made it a Lawnmower. Considering how motherfucking hot it was, this crisp beer hit the spot, even more so than the actual Summer Pils brew. This beer is always on tap around Houston (if the bar is on its job and carries this local brand), and I never get it. I've always gotten all the darker brews of Saint Arnold's, and was rather surprised how much I liked this. #NewBeer

Next up was the Elissa IPA. I'm real picky about the IPA's I'll drink, and this one was pretty simple to drink, considering. It didn't satisfy quite like the Lawnmower or Summer Pils, but was a harder beer so that made up for it.

The only other beer I got was the Summer Pils, which all those pictures have my face in them, so yeah. The Summer Pils was a more flavorful beer, if that's your thing.

The Tour:

Our tour guide was such a fucking hipster, I really couldn't look past it. I even took this picture (below) of his short ass shorts and THOSE HIPSTER ASS SHOES. Unbearable.

All of the employees seemed ok though...other than this one girl who was being a complete bitch to everyone. Like her fucking job is so hard? Like working in a brewery is something she was forced into and hates. Fuck that bitch for repeatedly trying to fuck my buzz up. That's what happens when your entire workforce are grunge rock fans and hipsters. Douchebags.

I was SHOCKED at the number of Indians on the tour, with beer. There was two of them. 

St. Augustine
St. Crispin

St. Elvis
St. Feuillion
St. Gall

St. Michael Jackson (Yeah I dunno about this one.)
St. Gonzo (or this one)
St. Hubert

Kegs. Lots and LOTS of kegs.

My brother didn't use all four of his tokens. Pussy.

I just want to say thank you to my GF for setting this up and treating my brother and I to this. It was a lot of fun, we all had a nice tipsy time. Later at night, we ended up going to Trae's album release party, and that's when this day basically ended as a 12-hour binge. 


  1. Rad pictures. Makes me wanna drink. Not that I was searching for an excuse, but still.

  2. SeeYouNextThursdayJune 30, 2011 at 9:42 AM

    sooooo let me get this straight... "everyone that works there is a hipster asshole douchebag", and yet you took pictures of beer like it was the first time you've ever seen it, and you finish your day by going to an ALBUM RELEASE PARTY? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. I'm glad it sucked so bad you posted 25 pics about it online. ON A BLOG. Yes yes! Everyone that works there must indeed be a hipster asshole, with their skinny jeans, Tom's shoes and ironic hair cuts... oh, wait, nope I'm pretty sure that is the exact opposite of what works there. I'm sensing some insecurity, you need a hug? hmmmmmmm?????

  3. Yeah, all of those clothing items DO make a person a hipster fag to me.

    You clearly are an employee that works at the brewery, and are offended. You're probably too stupid to read, because if you can, you would have saw how I repeatedly say Saint Arnolds is one of my favorite beers. I also say I had a blast at the brewery.

    Also, "SeeYouNextThursday", I have insecurities like everone. However, hipster fags like you and a lot of your coworkers can suck my dick.

    Yeah, I posted 25 pics (thanks for counting, loser), and gave a free enforsement, on MY blog, bitch. I can put anything I want about your shitty beer on here, because it is my website.

    That's how the internet works, you alcoholic piece of shit. Go back to "work".

  4. Also, you're also clearly a hipster douchebag asshole (or whatever I called you faggots in my post), so that's why your laughing at my taste in music.

    Like your taste in ANYTHING at ALL matters to me. Your family could wake up with cancer tomorrow, and I will jack off to that thought. Fuck off my blog, you cracka bitch.

  5. Hi Chives -

    Lennie Ambrose from the Saint Arnold marketing department here.

    Thanks for your input. Whether it is good or bad, we always appreciate feedback.

    I'm really glad that you had a good time while you were here for the tour. I actually do know for sure that the person that posted the comment isn't an employee however.

    Sorry if you felt you were mistreated at the cash register and we are always open to address any concerns anyone has. The only concern I had at all was the name calling of, "douchebag" "fucking hipsters" and "bitch". We try to take pride in what we do here and want everyone to have fun but if you have any issue whatsoever with the way you are treated, please feel free to send me an email about it or find me here at the brewery instead of resorting to name calling of the other employees. for future reference.

  6. First of all, thank you for the professional response. I appreciate that.

    Your employees being called names by me is mostly in good fun, as evident my the 50+ posts I have put on my blog. I speak with extreme and/or hostile.

    I am relieved entirely to know that the original poster was not an employee with your brewery. I am a high-energy person, and don't appreciate people seeing a blog post and thinking they have my site entirely figured out.

    Again, drinking before the tour was a blast, I like who I like, I make fun of certain things. I won't resist it, but I'll gladly pick up a Lawnmower tonight.

    Thanks again, Lennie.

  7. Classy response from Lenny. Chives -- those shorts are not short, but the shoes are indeed Austin-worthy. This post has me craving a 12 pack of Lawnmower.