Saturday, June 25, 2011

New York: Big City, Bigger Idiots

Texas, the Midwest, even the stank-ass Old South….we are all funnier than you, New York/California.

That's right…NY and LA are losers in this department. Where are all of our favorite/funny twitter follows tweeting from? New York/Los Angeles. Don't get me wrong: People like Rob Delaney make me laugh my ass off, but I feel like they'd have a way harder time doing their jobs in a substantially less interesting place.*

By less interesting, I mean normal.

It's my understanding that their literally hobos, legitimate crazies and junkies walking the streets of the Northeast and west coast. In NJ, gas stations AREN'T self-service. As my New Jersey-native good friend always says, "if they let people in New Jersey fill their own cars, they would've burned NJ down to the ground by now." 

Seriously? It's not very hard to tweet out a hilarious observation when literally everything you look at in New York is just that: a fucking joke. Oh, you noticed an annoying tendency from the hipster at the coffee shop? Congrats. You know what that same funny-man would see at a coffee shop in Houston? Middle-aged people stopping in on their way to work. 

Other than Austin, there aren't hobos wiping their asses with newspaper on the sidewalk for all to witness…just normal life and traditional American stereotypes. 

Then again, we are the NFL's, NBA's, and MLB's definition of garbage, so we do get some cheap jokes to make.

*By no mean is this post saying that those people aren't funny, or that they're poor comedians/writers. They are excellent. I am only saying that people that do it in boring ass environments are arguably more talented. 

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