Thursday, June 23, 2011

Marcus Morris & Daryl Morey Just Made Me Hate The Rockets

I'm a die-hard Houston fan. Not just the Texans. Not just the Rockets. Not just that excuse of a baseball team we have. I, like many other fans, support these incompetent group of millionaires BLINDLY.

Thanks to the inaction of Bob McNair (Texans Owner) to take our very talented roster and produce a Super Bowl, my expectations for happiness via sports have plummeted.

Marcus Morris? What the fuck is this cocky son-of-a-cunt going to contribute to our number of wins? Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if this guy's minutes hinder the team as a whole. Enough of our players waste their time at all the clubs in Houston, and this stupid arrogant piece of shit is the prototype of lazy ass athlete that will never materialize into anything.

This is so disheartening.

Think about this...the Astros have a chance of being good before the Rockets are. Doesn't that make you want to kill an innocent animal?

I got mad pussy when I was younger. I also got cock-teased a lot. Daryl Morey has given me bluer balls than any girl ever could. I could be getting the best head of my life, the girl could stop and say "DONE", right before I bust....and that's the best way to compare Daryl's first few years, specifically the trade that ousted T-Mac.

Fuck all of these motherfuckers. My mom still thinks Karl Malone is still the Rockets' biggest rival, and even she couldn't have botched that pick that bad.


  1. Love it bro! Speaking' the truth. So, when does the lockout start so we can forget the Rockets?

  2. Chives, I really wish you wouldn't sugar coat things. Sometimes, I wish you would truly express how you feel. It's okay to freely let your feelings be known. In short, express yourself... ~Texan_Bill