Thursday, June 23, 2011

Edge Ad Campaign: A Blatant, Cheap Ripoff

I want to state right off the bat that I personally don't give a shit about this, it's just something I noticed a while ago and it annoys me.

We're all familiar with the famous Old Spice advertising campaign with the suave black guy, with the ever-changing setting and overall kookiness. It worked very well, I remember hearing that it had a significant impact on the company's numbers. They even had the Terry Crews commercials, which people seemed to like also.

Edge, a competitor in men's toiletries, basically has replaced the suave black guy with a "suave" white dude.

It says something when a company is too embarrassed to upload its own commercial to the advertiser-saturated YouTube. Cheap cop out.

I don't even shave, I use an electric trimmer. I use Old Spice, but only because it was the first thing I grabbed when I reached for deodorant at the store.

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