Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Why is this always such a big deal? Sports fans always seem to be rooting for it. What makes people getting second chances that they sometimes don't deserve, so intriguing to fans? I came up with this blog idea thinking about how people are able to look past Michael Vick's BITCHMADE ASS. Not to mention he has a complete fuckup of a brother. 

There are lots of athletes who were able to make a comeback from drug abuse, and those guys will generally get amnesty from Pope Chives on the matter. It's real easy to fall into a crowd that will get you on the devil's drugs, just so you can buy it for the collective group. It's what happens when they get mad money - the leeches come out and try to suck them dry. The athlete I want to highlight here is Josh Hamilton. That guy was addicted to probably the two hardest things to function on: CRACK and alcohol. I'm sure lots of ball players are drunks, though. He went from sure-bust to MVP and carried a team to the World Series, where they were promptly annihilated. Good for this guy.

If and When Tiger Woods ever returns to even half the guy, that will go down as sports' biggest comeback (considering how far he fell). I don't know or give a shit about golf, unless it has to do with this. For as much as people still talk about him and for as much as his $60+ million in endorsements line his pockets, this son of a bitch needs to put on a green jacket, hoist a trophy - whatever those snooty fags are into that week. No one care if Rory the Leprechaun is on the rise, people want to see Tiger break "Jack's Record" . Whoopty doo, amirite?

I thought of others, but they really seemed to come down to the athlete maturing. It's a big deal when you're my age or even younger, getting GUARANTEED millions of dollars. I wouldn't fuck up like most of these athletes, but I know I'd fuck shit up for a minute. Gotta give these cases a second chance, they're too understandable and relatable. 

Rape. RAAAAAAAAPE. I don't know much at all about the Tyson incident, but I know Tyson got convicted and spent time in jail for it. It could have been a Tupac situation...then again I have no clue on the incident. Tyson continued to fuck up on-the-regs for several years before turning into a square and doing The Hangover movies. He seems to have his life together, people aren't scared of him anymore…whatever. Good for him. Another famous rapist? Kobe.

We all know Kobe did it, nooooo doubt about that shit. THIS rape case I can speak to. I remember this nonsense vividly. It was probably one of those events that really made me hate ESPN as much as I do now. The girl in this case turned out to be one of the country's biggest whores who didn't have a pimp beating on her…so Kobe had that going for him. Generally, it's a rule of me to side with the woman in cases like this. Kobe's comeback is remarkable. I remember there not being ugly ass Kobe shoes at stores; he lost a shitload of endorsements. He's made all of that back, and then some. 

Closing Thought:

What Michael Vick did was the first step that murderers take to killing people - killing animals. Killing cats and especially dogs is a lot more twisted than killing a raccoon or something like that, which is still fucked up. 

I'm not going into a Mike Vick rant, I just want to point out that I wish the worst on him. I kind of want someone to do to him, what he did to those dogs. Fuck Michael Vick.

THAT is Chives Gospel. 

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