Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We The People...

All minority groups do not stick together against the The Man, and it makes me fucking sick.

David Tyree said that he would trade his LEGENDARY catch in the Super Bowl that beat the undefeated Patriots, in order to see an end to the potential of gay marriages. Turns out, athletes are stupider than I thought, but that is not my point with this post. Where does he get off making such a bold statement? He's not in the league, and this recent tirade of his is the reason he won't ever suit up in the NFL again. Athletes have no say in this matter, unless they're gay. They aren't paid to divulge their feelings on social matters. Then again, David Tyree isn't getting paid anymore, so I guess he can blab just like me. 

Minority groups - colored folk to gays to whatever other oppressed group - should unite against oppression. What have they all done? Fight amongst themselves. Why? Because The Man did things like introducing crack to ghettos, importing drugs into our country (leaving the dirty work to minorities), and turning the prison industry into a billion-dollar business. Fuck Ronald Reagan for expanding the drug war, and fuck Nixon for starting it*. 

*There have been scores of articles displaying America's biggest failure, the war on drugs. However, this one gives a good synopsis for all of you ignorant folks. Always remember how much of your tax money is WASTED on this war, before you complain about ANY spending on food stamps or anything like that. ALWAYS remember your tax dollars are going to be wasted, so I don't wanna hear you motherfuckers bitch about it being spent on providing services to either poor or ungrateful recipients. Never forget that.

Events and strategies employed by Rockerfeller's and Carnegie's have left the world a fractured place. Rockerfeller and other ULTRA-rich crackers of the era used to write letters to Hitler, commending him on his vision of eliminating "inferior" races. IBM was a company that was created to assist the Nazi agenda. That's right, the first computers ever invented were giant machines used to keep track of victims and prisoners of concentration camps. 

THOSE dirtbags, and other slave-owners like Thomas Jefferson, are the founding fathers of our country, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Rockerfellar/Jefferson equivalents are still controlling the world now. 

The Middle East could've been another Europe, but assholes like George Bush have spent their entire lives abusing that region - ensuring that those people kill each other, while America and other Europeans pillage their resources. I don't wanna hear anything about Israel, either. They don't count, they are not middle eastern. That country is an aggregate of the Jewish people, using that country and their history to terrorize a defenseless group. Both sides are guilty, but there is no justification to Israel's aggression. NONE. Why do they do it? Because they can. Because they are The Man's watchdog/enforcer for the Middle East. 

The Man has already RUINED Africa, Haiti/the Carribean, and most of Latin America. In 100 years, Bush and Cheney will finally have their wet-dream come true - a historic proud land, ravaged by another group's greed. They walk in, deplete every economic resource (thus eliminating any and all potential that that country can ever rebound once the whities have had their way with it), and turn the population against each other. Once the population is at each other's throats, that's when The Man implements the last step to his timeless plan: propaganda. The next day, the whole world wakes up to CNN saying "SUICIDE BOMBING IN AFGHANISTAN". 

So to David Tyree, and all other minorities who haven't been educated the past of their embattled ancestors: No black should oppose gay rights, no middle eastern person should ever agree with immigration laws targeted towards Latinos. Pakistanis and Indians were one country and one people not that long ago, now they kill each other over land. 

I'm sick of The People doing more to help The Man more than The Man helps himself. 


  1. 1. The war on drugs, in practice, has been a waste of tax-payer money. You introduce, however, a logical fallacy though when you state that because of this waste people cannot oppose another tax waste.

    2. I am not a huge fan of Bush, either, but to claim that the ME could have been another Europe because of him discredits your argument. The ME holds the lion’s share of responsibility for their own station in the world. The majority of the region is peaceful, but the leadership is not on that page. See below.

    3. David Tyree is a dolt.

    4. The Man? Let’s cut the pretenses here and just say what you mean here: white people. Left to their own devices, people of every creed and color do the same thing to each other. Hopefully, you weren't truly trying to make this a white-hate narrative. Nothing truly discredits a point more that racism (there is no such thing as reverse racism, by the way). If that was not your intent…see below for my definition of “The Man.”

    5. You seem to be trying to unite people by using a divisive tactic: we have a common enemy (The Man). You can try to get all people on the same page all you want, but at the end of the day we are all The Man. The first job of the ruling class is to protect their grip on that power. That immutable truth exists in every part of this world, every race, every creed, and every culture. You seem to be trying to unite people by using a divisive tactic: we have a common enemy (The Man). If today’s minority became the majority nothing would change.

    “It’s a lot easier to blow up trains than to make them run on time”

    Even though I may be part of the group (i am almost translucent I am so pasty) you call the man, I respect what you are trying to say. It'll just never happen. But Im cynical.

    "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever." - George Orwell

  2. first off I have to say DAMN I use to do tech support for IBM!! I agree with you 150% about any minorities having a problem with gay marriages because its hard enough in America looking or sounding different so no need for us a black people to use reverse racism on gay marriages.. The "war on drugs" or "just say no" LOL America is not at war with themselves so there is NO WAR ON DRUGS AND NEVER HAS BEEN OR WILL BE!!

  3. by the way being gay is not a race, it is a way of life. I don't understand how that is being racist or reverse racist when all races have guys. Just food for thought.

  4. Ok. Let me say this again: There is no such thing as reverse racism. It is either racist or not, but there is no such thing as reverse racism.

    While I am at it, although humans naturally gravitate towards groups similar to themselves, racism is not an inborn trait. It is taught. Without going too much into it, I grew up as one of maybe 10 white kids in my school (inner city Houston). I was called whitey, but thought nothing of it. I then moved to a small MS town where black kids were still told (this was the early 1990s) to sit in the back row. When i balked at this, I got my ass kicked. Moved back to the same neighborhood in Houston and those same kids that I grew up with now called my Whitey, but it was with much more malice. I was left for dead at one point.

    What changed? Age, yes, but I do not believe that racism is something you grow into. If it was, then why did those assholes in that MS town grow into it earlier than my Houston neighbors? The common theme between the kids in both cities was that they were taught racism. One by the school, the other by their parents.

    I fully ascribe to the WC Fields philosophy that "I hold prejudice to no one, as I hate everyone equally." As much as man has accomplished, racism is a global problem that has haunted man since as far back as we have recorded history. Will it ever go away? Not until it cannot be used as a tool to retain power or there is a buck to be made off of it.