Saturday, August 20, 2011

Nevin Shapiro: Nothing Special

This is gonna be me, telling all of you who are just disgusted with Nevin Shapiro, to shut the fuck up.

Its no secret ANY athletic program as prominent as Miami cheats, especially in regards to actions of boosters. My school is no exception. Is TAMU a filthy cheater like UT? No. Do they have rich ass alumni give cash to players? Fucking right we do.

So for everyone who is looking at Shapiro as if HE is the only bad guy here, you are all as fucking dumb and ignorant as Uncle Luke Campbell. He is talking MAD shit about Shapiro, when he literally did the exact same motherfucking thing. Luke Campbell needs to die from AIDS already. I dunno how he's not a withering, dying piece of flesh after all the hoodrats he stuck it in.

Shapiro was wrong. But when everyone is like "yeah if I was a broke student with a kid, I would take a free dinner or cash, NO DOUBT". So how does Shapiro helping these kids out make him the bad guy?

Everyone agrees the kids are not at fault, but BASHES Shapiro for doing something that they all would have no problem with (accepting his charity). You are all dirty, stupid fucking hypocrites for bashing Shapiro.

Another thing: Shapiro was running a ponzi scheme through his investment firm (Madoff's scam on a smaller scale; this has been a grossly common crime in the last ten years, just look at the Securities and Exchange Commission's website to see who they are prosecuting). Which means Shapiro was committing a crime with securities fraud and related crimes.

He made money off of his scam, as most criminals do. That money is dirty, therefore the Feds needed to know where the fuck it went once he made it and subsequently spent it.

So it's not like Shapiro got busted on a totally unrelated crime (ponzi scheme) and decided to bring down Miami with him. The two are interrelated. NO ONE was gonna find out about ALL the NCAA violations without the federal investigation.

It is absolutely ridiculous watching and listening to fucking SIMPLETONS of all races and origins act like they wouldn't have fucked those strippers, like they wouldn't have taken the dinner and drinks.

You're all full of shit when it comes to this UM and Shapiro mess. It happens at every school that is worth a shit.

For a bunch of taxpayers and voters, you're all pretty fucking naive.

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