Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Peyton Manning Out, Houston Texans In

Bill Polian announced on ESPN radio in NY that there was "no question" that Peyton Manning was out for Sunday's season opener against the Texans.

Good. Fuck the Colts.

I hate to see Peyton, whose easily the hardest working guy in the NFL since being drafted, go down with an injury that he has no control over. He can't work extra hard to rehab from this - it's a nerve issue, and will heal on its own time. Peyton has been one of the most well-paid and notable players the NFL has ever seen. That kind of success usually drives ANY athlete of ANY professional sport to slack and not work as hard as they once did (especially while earning the big contracts/endorsements).

That said, I am a Houston Texan fan. I have had the worst luck of any sports franchise for years now. Fuck Cleveland and Detroit, they have nothing on the disappointment that I have suffered annually.

On top of being a diehard Texan fan, I have seen several leads squandered and/or close games lost to the Colts. The Colts didn't out-coach or out-athlete us, they out-Peyton'd us. The Colts are 16-2 against the Texans, but the Texans were in about 8-10 of those loses.

Are the Colts fans freaking out? Panicking? GOOD. They have been spoiled ass, pasty midwesterners while having Peyton. The Colts (for the most part) draft like absolute shit, and it's ok because Peyton hides the mistakes of the organization.

Coach Caldwell is not a coach. He is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Peyton is the Grand Ayatollah who REALLY runs the show.

My point with all this is: I don't feel bad at all for the Colts organization, any of their players, and especially their fans. Their fans can fucking blow me. I relish in their sadness over losing Peyton. FEED ME YOUR TEARS, COLTS' FANS.

How this Affects the Texans:

I will keep this simple. The Texans need to (and should) beat the Colts this Sunday WITH Peyton. We are the better team this year, and to set the tone for the season, the Texans need to crush the Colts. Now that the Colts are Peyton-less, we have NO excuse than to dispose of them handily.

If the Texans lose to the Colts this Sunday, our season is over. Nothing can convince me otherwise. The Texans have must-wins against this division. Our game this Sunday and division record are what I'm watching the hardest.

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