Thursday, September 8, 2011

You Must be THIS Tall to Ride Our Nuts

I don't quite know how to approach this latest football season. My two teams, the Aggies and Texans, have received national attention as they are poised to have huge seasons.

I am not a fair weather fan. I'm an actual resident of Houston and student of aTm. I am not some displaced fan, I'm not some Houstonian who randomly roots for another team. NOR am I like SEVERAL of you assholes who love UT without being alumni, or even fucking worse, the kids who go to one school (Sam Houston State kids) but still root for UT. That makes my blood boil.

Every year, some NFL team has a breakthrough season. This year, even ESPN and their dumbasses think it'll be us, the Texans. Yes, I said US.

I have watched years of some of the most disappointing football ever. All of it involving the Texans. They are my team...tattooed on my heart. But that doesn't stop them from ripping it out and stomping on it, season after season.

All of this offseason hype has only grown since an amazing draft, preseason, and division rivals falling apart. The ultimate result has been a national bandwagon. Not only is the nation hugging our nuts, but so are the Houstonians who are Cowboy "fans" or Titan "fans".

Fuck all of you who weren't down since 2002. If you started supporting this team one day after that, then go fuck yourself. This year is for the real Texan fan (and same goes for the Aggies' season) who has suffered for 9 years.

Let's go Wrecking Crew/Texans! National champs and Superbowl champs of 2011-2012 seasons.

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