Monday, September 12, 2011

Thanks to Actual Heroes

I just wanted to make a quick 9/11 post. Every time I think of this event, it upsets me on many levels. Not for the same reason it upsets you guys. That event has made the lives of Middle Eastern people and Arabic people completely different. The world perceives us differently thanks to Bush, Cheney, and terrorist cells around the world.

I am not shouting out to the troops. This is a THANK YOU to the actual heroes of that day/event: firefighters, police officers, and EMS personnel (better known as The First Responders).

These people went to work not knowing anything (unlike the presidential administration at the time), and got a call that the World Trade Centers are falling over. 

Emergency personnel ran into a building, knowing there was a chance they wouldn't come back out. Some didn't. I honestly can't think of to many things, not even from a Hollywood action movie, that are THAT heroic and brave.

My heart is with them. The innocent people who lost their lives and made sacrifices for a game of politics that none of us have control over. Thank you for them. They are the strength of our nation, NEVER say it is some president or politician…I will slap you with a dick. 


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