Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Closed Letter to Colts Fans

You're responses are unwanted and irrelevant. 

For years, I've watched scrappy Texans teams play the mighty Indianapolis Colts led by Peyton Manning. Peyton is the greatest QB I've ever laid eyes on, and because of this fact, he's always gotten the benefit of the doubt against completely irrelevant teams like Houston was until this year. 

So twice a year, barring the occasional blowout by the Colts, most of our games were very close and competitive. If the Texans had the lead in the 4th quarter, we never had a lead because Peyton was calling the same 4-5 plays and getting into the endzone. 

He did that to us so many times I'm convinced that he could do that shit IN HIS SLEEP. There are the FAMOUS blown 27-point leads we had on them recent years. Those were the worst. That's the point of this post…I've never forgotten the years of abuse at the hands of Peyton and his cohorts (the refs). The rest of the league hasn't forgotten either. 

However, the happiness I feel from relishing in their demise and bad fortune is transformed to vitrial once again when I realize this horrible season of theirs is landing them ANOTHER (potential) Peyton. They have done NOTHING to deserve that kind of dream scenario for transitioning from a HOF QB to the greatest QB prospect since said HOF QB. Every draft pick for the most part makes you scratch your head. Every coaching decision makes you question the credibility of their staff. They are an entirely incompetent organization who struck FUCKING GOLD with Peyton. Now THIS LA Clippers-of-an-organization gets the cure dropped right onto their laps. Man, fuck that town and its fans. They don't deserve any happiness stemming from the success of a sports franchise…NONE.

If the Colts had beaten anyone OTHER than the faggy Titans, I'd still consider that ass winless. I can't say the happiness I feel in seeing the Colts' franchise lose all of its bandwagon fans, which like UT, is 99% of the fanbase.

Even If Andrew Luck isn't a hall of fame STUD like Peyton, I don't think there's a doubt the dude will carry a franchise for years; a franchise that happens to be in the AFC South with the Texans. The popular idea (which I am in the belief of) that Houston is a "cursed city" is constantly manifesting itself on our sports franchises. 

I wrote a blog post right before the season saying I didn't feel bad about the Colts and their fucking douchebag fans, but I did feel bad for Peyton. Not anymore, I couldn't care less if Peyton never played a snap again.

That city is WAY overdue for a Texans-like run of suckiness and it doesn't look they'll ever get it unless they completely botch the offseason. I wouldn't put it past the Colts to fuck this golden opportunity up…Jim Irsay is yet to put together a coherent English sentence, and I'm supposed to believe that fuckin guy can rebuild an NFL team? 

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