Monday, April 18, 2011

NBA is rigged

The NBA is like an industry with extremely high barriers of entry. You can watch 100 commercials for the NBA, and you'll see the same 10 asshole players, representing the same 10 teams. No matter how well a team plays together, how fun they are to watch, or however good their specific brand of basketball is, unless that team has some pussy with too many tattoos and jewelry who can dunk all over Yao Ming, than they aint EVER making a national TV broadcast. When was the last Rocket's game you fucking saw on ESPN?!

Now, consider an industry like oil, or computing, or any other industry that The Man has a death-grip on. Think about all the people and companies who have tried to compete in an industry that has barriers of entry that are so high...there have probably been some minds and ideas that could greatly improve the marketplace for the consumer and ultimately raise the quality of any product across the board.

I'm sure there are kids thinking up GENIUS alternative energies, or intuitive new software/hardware, and they will never be able to compete against an ExxonMobil or even the falling giant, Microsoft. There have been exceptions obviously. Off the top of my head, Dell computers started with Micheal Dell building motherboards in his dorm room, and now it's Apple's most legitimate competitor. But only God fucking knows what slimeball shit Dell had to do to rise up.

OK, now the stage is set for my comparison (if you havent already seen it): Think about the teams that are relevant now, the teams that get nonstop spin and get ALL of the referee poon. Unless your team has some kind of LeBron to scream after dunking, your team might as well not exist. The same way if you dont already have to ability to politically and economically strong-arm your way in, you're not gonna ever reach the top of the conglomerate mountain.

Even with NO salary cap, the media does a way better job of acknowledging good players and teams in Major League Baseball, regardless of where they play. If a guy can swing the stick like Hugh Hefner, he'll be a household name. But Chuck Hayes, the NBA's best defensive player, is as unknown as they get.

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