Thursday, April 28, 2011


Atlanta Braves pitching coach McDowell used gay slurs and obscene hand gestures using a bat during batting practice. The Braves are in a series against the San Francisco Giants.

When someone told him kids were watching, he said, "Kids don't belong at a ballpark," lifted a bat and added, "how much are your teeth worth?"

……..…?!!? Muthafucka……HUH?!!!?

OK OK OK…relax…lets dissect what happened….There is a man, in his FIFTIES, acting like a kid who just found out that there are guys out there who suck each other's dicks. What kind of professional in broad ass daylight jerks off a bat and calls people fags n shit? This guy was making jokes and gestures that I did when I was in 5th fucking grade. So either this guy has got tapeworm-infested dogshit for brains, OR I was just way ahead of my time….


Now, back to this "kids don't belong at a ballpark" NONSENSE. Is there any bigger load of communist BULLshit than that? This is America (we had to add the "A" back to 'Merica when we elected the Black Guy), where little boys and girls belong to be NOWHERE else but a ballpark…ESPECIALLLYYYY during batting practice, when they can actually meet their heros and get autographs. That's when people like Pujols, Berkman, and NOT A-Rod have REALLY earned their money/fans. 60 Minutes does specials on Pujols. Why? Cuz he's a fucking billionaire who helps mentally fucked kids. How many news specials on A-Rod have you seen (not including steroid investigatory pieces)???

So kids don't belong at a ballpark, yet the millionaires on the field are the ones dressed goofier and more childish than any fucking kid still wearing his spiderman costume from Holloween (y'all reading this probably got at least one bastard kid who has pulled that stunt). Tight little stockings, cute little matching uniforms and baseball his FIFTIES. Fucking toddlers in a place like San Francisco probably walk around looking better than me, with better, more expensive wardrobes.

So Mr. Rogers McDowell, let me recap this…you think kids, whom you act and dress like the most retarded of, should not be at the ballpark watching YOU "earn" a living…? I hope you get gang-raped by the gayest, blackest, meanest Cholo motherfucker with AIDS in all of SanFran. Y'all still got games there, Georgia boy…I wouldn't tempt Tyrone's faggot cousin.

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