Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama: Part I

Osama Bin Laden has apparently been killed by a team of Navy SEALS in Abbottobad, Pakistan.

I should say two things right off the bat: I am one of the people who feels there are holes in the events that occurred on September 11, 2001. I will leave it at that. Secondly, I feel very happy for the police officers, firefighters and EMTs who responded that day. Those people are superheroes that deserve to be treated so much better than the country has treated them. Even in IRAN, when a soldier dies, his family is treated as royalty for his service to the country. Here? Why are heroes treated this way? Those guys got CANCER saving lives that day, doing the most heroic things imaginable. I am happy that they feel closure, I really cant express how happy I am for THEM. This is for THEM. Fake or real, bullshit or legit, this news is good news for them and I am happy about that. I am not just a White American hating Persian. I got more love for my country than any redneck you've ever met. How? Cuz I was raised by parents who weren't American. They saw and know what a truly tyrannical regime is capable of. I am so much more appreciative for my life and country than any dumbass getting drunk on Northgate. FUCKING BELIEVE THAT.


Osama pulled off the 9/11 bombing nearly TEN years ago, and people are out in the streets celebrating as if he just did it. I am sorry, but this is just too late to warrant the same reaction from me as it is from most people.

I am ALL about killing all kinds of people on this earth. When you think about the people in this world who never even had a chance, kids who starve and die daily….why should I care if we execute a murderer or known terrorist like Osama? I don't. Because they deserve to die. So many undeserving people are buried in the ground, and you got mass murderers Dick Cheney and the Bush's walking around, sitting behind home plate of Astros' games. Those guys have literally killed tens of millions of people in the Middle East. They have started wars between Iran and Iraq to minimize the blood on their own hands, but Chives see them....Chives knows better than the publicly-funded propaganda they teach you when you're a kid.


There are 11 guys in Cleveland, TX that I wish more harm on than Bin Laden. The fact that someone is an American, and still capable of domestic terrorism or horrific acts (such as the Cleveland case, which men gang-raped an 11year old girl), is BY FAR worse than anything that ANY terrorist group can do. We are Americans. We have all the opportunity to NOT be woman-hating terrorists, so there is NO EXCUSE that the Timothy McVeigh bombing anniversary was IGNORED this year. FUCK OUTTA HERE WITH THAT SHIT, CRACKA MEDIA.

I don't care that he is dead. The symbolic meaning of Osama dying has diminished over all the years. I have seen interviews with CIA operatives who claim to have had Osama in their sights several times over the years, including the week of the 9/11 attacks. I see it like this, the CIA will kill you if and when it wants you dead. No one in this universe can hide from them. They'll find you, and kill you. So I don't believe for ONE FUCKING SECOND that it took 10 years to track him down. If it did, then that's pathetic. This is ALL politics. Everything you hear from here until the presidential election is all politics. Situation in Iran =POLITICS. Gaddafi/Assad still being alive, allowed to slaughter the people of Libya and Syria = POLITICS.

Open your minds as often as you open beer bottles or your legs, and we can finally stop looking like murderous, greedy assholes.

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