Monday, May 2, 2011

Buried in a Sea of Bullshit

I have to address this. This is simply too ridiculous and is not being questioned enough at all.

Buried at sea? Islamic tradition? My entire family is muslim, and not a single one of them is buried at sea. If this is some Islamic tradition, it is carried out by a small percentage of the religion. I have NEVER in my years of learning about this religion EVER heard of this. Even if it's true and it is a tradition that the military honored, why?
I don't think they honor shit when they destroy mosques in Iraq and Afghanistan DAILY. Did they bury the bodies in Collateral Murder? NO, they laughed as they drove over the dead bodies of children with TANKS.

America bombs tribal areas and groups with depleted uranium, leaving the countries with long-term effects (Agent Orange in Vietnam and Nagasake/Okinawa). Is it not enough that the military is armed far beyond anything that the enemy could imagine? Apparently not. What is the need to murder citizens daily and use inhumane methods? Shut the fuck up when you talk to me about fighting for freedom. I don't want it if it means dropping nuclear bombs on mosques and schools. Y'all may be able to sleep with that, but I cant go ONE day without thinking about the horrible things that happen in the world in order for me to enjoy my life. You're an idiot if you think 50,000 soldiers in a place like Germany and almost $1 trillion in annual budget allocation is necessary for you to have the right to eat a Big Mac while driving an Excursion.

Back on topic: buried at sea? Fuck you. That is just the MOST convenient load of shit that I've ever heard. By the way, I saw the aliens from "Independence Day", but you guys JUST missed them.

The propaganda in America is only rivaled by that of Nazi Germany. They get y'all through movies like The Kingdom and The Hurt Locker….get the fuck out of here….Everything you have ever seen about that part of the world is fucking FALSE or greatly, greatly exaggerated. THOUSANDS of people are killed through the US occupation EVERYDAY. It is a number in the millions now, and you are a fucking naive jackass if you ever let yourself think otherwise.

It blows me away how a redneck wont believe a fucking thing the government says UNTIL a hurricane comes and smashes his trailer park, or when a military action is in need of blind support.

"FUCK THAT NIGGER OBAMA, the government IS SO BIG….oh wait we got F5 tornados coming through Mooresville, AL?? SAVE ME NOW PRESIDENT, YOU WORTHLESS FUCK!!" -Harvey Updyke and every other backwoodz moron.

I literally take everything with a grain of salt. There is NOTHING about this Osama story that makes sense to me.

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