Friday, May 6, 2011

Apparently Cops Make Roofie Jokes

My gf didn't really get the traditional 21st birthday of going out and getting crazy wasted. So for her 22nd birthday party, we took her to Washington Ave.

A friend at the time reserved a table and bottle service n all that at some faggot-ass reaggaeton-type club. Everyone ends up getting stupid drunk, stupid fast. My gf is one of the more fucked up people by the end.

Anyways, this is Washington Ave, so I'm gonna set the scene before taking this summarized version of the story any further:
Washington Ave is truly the most pathetic place in Houston. It's full of 30+ year old people, all trying their damnedest to relive their freshman year at UH-Downtown. There's smells of a thousand colognes and perfumes. All the guys are dressed exactly the same: belly-hugging hipster trash, pants squeezing areas where their nuts/dignity used to be, and EVERYone is wearing shiny black shoes. The women? Christ. Those broads need an 18 year old dick to bang them back to normal. Basically, Washington Ave is the most deplorable display of desperate quarter-life crisis behavior I have ever seen. #Pathetic

Ok, back to the story. So my girl is hammered, and we are in the outside patio at this point. She starts throwing up. Door guy, with his fat yellow-bone bitchass, comes and PUTS HIS HAND ON HER no, nigga. Take your fucking hand off of her before you leave here lookin like one of Dahmer's victims. I told that bitch "I'm taking her out, and not to touch her if he's not gonna help." He keeps talking, I remove his soft faggot hand, and move on.

What were the cops doing this whole time? Laughing and making roofies jokes about us...What if I wasnt her bf? What if that DID happen, and she was being abducted? You know how often that type of thing happens to poor girls and women EVERY night? No...the cops were busy trying to rape their own drunk girl who came stumbling out of the club. No...the cops are also usually too busy looking for poor potheads to fuck with. Make your Sarge proud, Pigs!

Hey cops, go to fucking hell. Roofie jokes? FUCK YOU, you fucking bacon grease-drinking, cannibals, donut-eating, quota-reaching, CLUELESS, waste of tax dollars BITCHASSES.

So this is for you, @ItsMeMikeC, tell your boys in blue thanks for the help! Don't ever assume all cops are out to help, or harm for that matter. But in my experiences, they haven't done anything to earn that respect. I don't what kind of cop YOU are, but I do know you addressed me incorrectly on Twitter on the subject. Just unfollow next time, this is Twitter bro, I can tell all of yall to fuck off and you guys cant use your authority to use excessive force on a defenseless student. I bet he took the anger he felt from my tweets that night and took it out on his next traffic stop.

Alright, that should be my last MikeC blast, I know he blocked me on  the Twatter, so I wanted something on the blog, just for him :) Hope you've been good baby.

EDIT: Nothing wrong with being 30+ and going out. There's only something wrong with it if you're out dressed and acting like you're still 18. I dont know. Just my opinion, geysers.

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