Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fag: Best Word Ever?

Here comes some more Chives Gospel from the big homie...KC's most ineligible bachelor: JFish.

I don't care about the word "faggot" nearly as much as everyone else does, apparently. Yes, I know it's offensive to homosexuals, much like "nigger" is offensive to black people.* I need not to go into the details or history of why this is. I get it. But get this.

*I'm not afraid to type or say this word, for reasons that will be explained.

Chris Rock said it best: It's not the word, it's the context in which the word is being said. Just about everyone my age (25) knows what it means when I call them a "faggot". Nobody actually thinks that I think that they are homosexual, or that I'm trying to berate them for being so. It's a figure of speech.

And somebody like Chris Rock should know a thing or two about offensive words. I'm sure he has heard and been called some pretty nasty, racially charged things in his life. But he understands that there is a difference between some redneck calling him a nigger and one of his friends calling him a nigger for not giving him a ride to the airport.

Words change. And they are nothing but words. Context is king.

Kobe Bryant and Joakim Noah never meant for their "victims" to be thought of as gay. They were pissed and used a figure of speech. Understand what they meant, not what they said at face value.

I know it takes a little bit of thinking to separate the two, but I trust you can tell the difference.

Don't be such a faggot about it.

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