Sunday, May 22, 2011

To Catch A Predator: Humanity At It's Absolute Worst

I've heard of TCAP for years, even seen clips of it on other shows and internet sites. Due to my KC followers having a rabid obsession with this show...commentating it every Sunday night. Today something pushed me to tune in. A very wrong decision, indeed.

So you got thousands of pot smokers going in and out of jail every year for absolutely no reason, yet half these guys are walking away from this set? What the fuck is going on. I'm almost speechless at this.

Look at the civility at which Bubba and Big John are treating these motherfucking sick-o's with. Hangin on the block, smoking and slangin pot...that shit will have the police kicking KIDS to the ground with their bigass, UNNECESSARY shotguns and violent intentions.

This is an ever-expanding post. I will not relent on these bitchass, wastes of tax dollars. This guy on TCAP was a 6th grade, private school teacher. Teaching young ass girls all day, goes homes, talks to them on the internet and jacks off. If that isn't a felony with a minimum of 25 years of anal-raping in the state's baddest penitentiary.

Half of the worthless fags have seen the show that they are getting caught on. Our government is losing to countries like Iran in this department specifically. My dad tells me when they catch these guys, in situations and setups exactly like this, they don't let them walk away. They don't live beyond the week, and they go in a very cruel and unusual way. I fucking dare one of you to argue that all of these guys don't deserve to be treated the same way.

Everyone involved in this show, except Chris Hanson, is full of bullshit.

Seriously, you go to jail for unpaid tickets in this fucking country. 11 months for soliciting a child for sex? MOTHERFUCKER, if I had a daughter or son that this happened to, I am saying here that I would beat him until my arms fucking broke off. 

We have the resources to make people who just suspected of crimes, disappear to other countries, strip them of citizenship, and then execute them. LEGALLY. These assholes are all CAUGHT and PROVEN criminals, preying on the most vulnerable of victims. 

Fuck The Man.


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