Friday, May 27, 2011

Kevin McHale: Girly Voice

Like most of you, I'm not terribly excited for the McHale hire. However, now our team actually has a head coach. As a die-hard, I'll take that.

Another annoying to the reaction: the Rockets have no doubt taken a step back since 2005, but if we all still support the Texans after YEARLY on/off-field letdowns, then we can AT LEAST give McHale a try. It's not like he has a baller ass team, or even ONE guy he can build around. We need to drastically lower our expectations for the next few years.

Wow, while writing this piece, which was intended to give a positive spin on our team. But now I'm finding myself pissed again. Our teams are all such fucking mediocre asshole organizations. Houston deserves better than these fuckheads.

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