Saturday, May 28, 2011

Remember Barry Bonds?

Barry Bonds is going to pay for Brian Stow's children to go to college.

I get it. Bonds was an asshole to reporters and the media for YEARS. But ask yourselves why…that guy couldn't open a newspaper, magazine, turn on the TV or computer, without him and his family being subjected to accusations and harsh criticism. So he's the dick? It may seem hypocritical of me to say that Bonds' asshole attitude was warranted. However, if any of the athletes that I have talked ungodly amounts of shit about did anything this noble, then I would bite my tongue and acknowledge it. 

This is clearly not the case for everyone else, who have turned their backs to this story. It's annoying how ESPN and others were talking about the Brian Stow tragedy like it was primetime news. ESPN is infamous for their demonizing coverage of Barry Bonds for all of those years. So now, there's finally a positive update for this story/family, and it's ignored?!?! That is complete bullshit. I know racism plays a GIANT role in this, as it always has with Bonds. If someone else had committed to helping those kids, even Roger Clemens, the country would have heard about it and been force fed the story until they liked it.

One last thought: The DODGERS should have made this kind of offering immediately following the attack. I don't give a shit how broke Frank McCourt is, he never should have cut security to begin with. A fundamental rule of thumb in the business legal environment, called negligence, is defined as the failure to provide preventive measures that ensure a safe, injury-free atmosphere. This means that since the Dodgers made a conscious decision to reduce security, which ultimately led to the crime, the Dodgers should be sued for everything they (aren't) worth.

Tort law, baby. As 'Merican as it gets.

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