Friday, June 3, 2011

Sony: 1946-2011

Sony has been hacked again today.

That should be a more shocking statement than it is. Sony is one of those brands that has somehow advertised his was into my life at an age I can't even remember. When you go to Best Buy or Fry's or whatever electronics store on Earth, the Sony-branded products are always more expensive for one reason: the name Sony on the front.

I'm no Apple fanboy, but I know well enough that it is the only brand of gadget that has justified its absurd markup on its products. I would rather hear Sony has the capacity to hack ME like Google, Apple, and Microsoft did with the location-tracking issue. Apple, in another way, justifies its prices by releasing only the most groundbreaking and innovative consumer technology in the market. For example: Mac OS X > Windows, iPhone > All other phones. If you buy a Sony Vaio laptop, it costs equal or much more than a comparable Macbook Pro...but what does the Sony do that a HP or Toshiba laptop can't do, that justifies the hundreds of extra dollars in price? Nothing. It looks way sexier and sleeker than all the other Windows-based computers, a la Apple products.

Instead, a group of slick-ass nerds has made Sony its rape-slave. Every time Sony releases a statement saying the Playstation Network is returning, 5 minutes later they issue a press release saying they've been hacked and that they're still figuring out what's been compromised.

I made the switch from Xbox to PS3, and that turned out to be a dumb fucking idea. Thank god I don't have a game I'm playing now, otherwise I would be raging at my inability to virtually kill and subsequently cuss out 11 year old snot-nose fags.

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