Saturday, June 4, 2011

The War on Terrorism: The Real-Life Game of Thrones

Have you ever wondered why America never seems to win any of its wars on figurative terms? The war on Drugs and Terrorism, to be exact. I don't plan on doing a research piece, giving you all the numbers that show the government ABSOLUTELY WASTING your tax dollars.

If you were in any of these Arabic or Middle Eastern countries, it's obvious who is Hezbollah, Al-Quida, ect…Those people are all power-hungry, radicalized masochists, while everyone else there is desperate for a job and/or food. The way that Uncle Sam has propagated the masses in our country is North Korea-esque, just WAY more subtle.

You all go to bed with the most negatively skewed views of that part of the world, and I'm here to tell you this: It's not your fault. You fell into J. Edgar Hoover's trap, most Americans are born trapped.

The CIA knows the names, locations, history…hell, they probably know if these fucking terrorists are closet fags or not…and I'm supposed to believe that they don't know where the gold-laced bearded guy is? Bullshit. Instead of drone attacks on suspected terrorist activities, have CIA operatives click-clack the obvious assholes acting bad on the ground. I refuse to believe that the shot-callers of these fringe radical groups are hidden well enough to where Stan Smith, CIA super agent, can't find them and give them a James Bond karate ass-kicking before ultimately shooting them through the eyes.

It has literally costed trillions in tax dollars to fight these un-winnable wars.

  • Remember that when you complain about the federal government extending unemployment benefits. 
  • Remember that when you complain about other government "handouts", because those handouts are at least humane and INFINITELY more effective than ANY amount spent on figurative wars. 
  • Remember that when you complain about the bailout of the auto industry. 

The war on drugs has done NOTHING but make drug-dealing a more lucrative and violent game to play. The war on terrorism has done NOTHING but allow a minuscule number of radicals spread their message, increase our number of enemies across the world, and put more American lives at risk. It is a shame that WE THE PEOPLE, all across the world, are used to maintain political climates and relationships of a small percentage of the human population.

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