Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ESPN: The Best Re-Tweeters in the Business

There is a NEW contributor to the Church, @1560Daddy. This guy was the driving force behind me creating a place to spread the ChivesGospel. That place has become The Church. To be honest, a @1560Daddy's write-up is LONG overdue...nevertheless, he had a chance to put something together amidst yesterday's OSU news. 

As you are bombarded with Tressel, Ohio State, and Terrell Pryor talk, take a bit of time to ask yourself this... where the hell was ESPN in all of this story? Were they on the front lines breaking the news or were they re-tweeting the news and asking the hard hitting questions like: 

@schadjoe: Will Jim Tressel make the College Football Hall of Fame?

11 of Joe's 16 tweets in the 24 hours after the Tressel news broke were all Retweets of other people's work. Although they'd like you to think they are on the cutting edge of breaking news stories, ESPN is actually in business of protecting its darlings. ESPN has major TV contracts with the Big10, the SEC, and the Longhorns.

Ever wonder why you are getting to watch the spring game of a 5 win, Last Place In the Big 12 South, non-bowl qualified team with an entirely revamped coaching staff on ESPN? No, it wasn't because the entire nation was enthralled by UT's blisteringly fast drop into College Football irrelevancy. It is because prior to the monumental meltdown in Austin, ESPN had agreed to a new network with their little castrated cash cow.  ESPN is worried about one thing -their money.

The same network that had Pedro Gomez following Barry Bonds' every step analyzing the viscosity of the shit that was coming out of Barry's ass, couldn't muster the investigative power to break any real news in the Ohio State mess? Tressel's history at Youngstown State was no hidden secret and neither was all the recent on-goings at OSU. 

How about Cam Newton?  Was ESPN the leader in that story or did they have their hand forced once again by legit news sources like @sportsbybrooks @cbssports @yahoosports, and others?

When it comes to ESPN, all you have to do is follow the money trail. ESPN is the top 40 radio station of sports...You can't say you are true music fan if you listen to Top40, and certainly can't be a true sports fan if Sportscenter is your news source.

I really hope to post more of the Daddy's work...he preaches ChivesGospel as good as the Pope himself.

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