Sunday, June 19, 2011


The Church has just seen it's 5000th view in just over 2 months of life. When I started this page, 5000+ views was out of the question. I knew I would have a very small reading audience, but I knew that that small group would actually read. 

This website has been exactly what I was hoping it would be - fun and somewhat therapeutic. Now, not therapeutic like Mary Jane is, but it is nice knowing I have an outlet to rant and rave on whatever-the-fuck I feel. If I wanna call white people The Man, and call Vince Young a cunt-stain,  there is no one who can say I can't.

I just wanted to acknowledge everyone who has helped me get this thing going, as well really inspire the direction of it:
  • Above all else, @1560Daddy is the reason that this blog even exists. It was his idea that led to its creation on April 19. I really can't thank him enough. He's also the person who suggested I intern with 1560 The Game, which has been an amazing experience that just seems to get a little more fun each time I go in. All the fun I've been having on the Internet lately can be credited to him. Here's a link to his first of soon-to-be-many contributions to the Church of Chives.
  • Next up would probably have to be @heydannyv and @Fidoz. I caught their blogs through Twitter and also enjoyed them. These guys are all great at what they do, and @Fidoz is crazy professional with this shit. There are links to their sites on the right side of this page. 
  • My mans n them @TXCleaver and @JFishSOTW…I can't say I've had more fun on Twitter with anyone more than these two. Cleaver recommended I follow JFish, and I GUESS it has kind of worked out. If I remember correctly, Cleaver said that he swore I shared a brain with JFish, and that we needed to commentate football games. We're still negotiating our Monday Night Football contracts. You can check out JFish's posts by scrolling through the "Popular Posts" on the right side of this page.
  • BIG shootout to everyone at 1560am, especially David Nuno and Lance Zierlein. Nuno really showed love way back, even before I had a Twitter account. That's that Aggie love, son. I remember meeting Nuno for the first time and he really couldn't have been any cooler than he was. It was a Sunday night or something, and he stayed after work and kicked it with us while we drank our beer at The Deck. Lance Zierlein has sorta taken me under his wing since I started working with them. I really appreciate LZ seeing some potential in the me and the Gospel. My blog was having a HUGE day if it saw around 100 views in any given day. Since receiving The LZ Bump, there has literally been steady traffic ever since (including an absurd amount of views that day). Views have nearly tripled pretty much instantly since that day. 
  • Thank you for reading, commenting, twittering...all that shit. I hope to keep making this thing BIGGER and BETTER. Can't tell yall how much I appreciate it.

Gig em, Fuck UT, and keep spreading the Gospel.

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  1. You are kind of an idiot, but I do keep reading it so you must be doing something right.