Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Google+ Better Not Be Another Facebook

As a lot of you know, I'm no fan of Facebook. I'm probably more of an enemy to Facebook and the culture it has cultivated. People go out of their ways to take superficial pictures in the most inappropriate or awkward of environments. Here's the Facebook post I wrote. 

When I deleted my Facebook, the rumor at the time was Google was going to rolling out a social networking site to compete with Facebook, code named Google Me. 

At the time, I said I would give social networking (not under a pseudonym) another try. I will strictly use it for intended use, as I have Twitter and this blog to where I can say anything I want/need. 

This Google+ could work for me. So when it rolls out next week to the general public, releases an iOS app, I'll definitely fuck with it and see how it goes. 

Before even getting near Google+, I can say this with confidence: Twitter > Google+ and any other social networking sites, probably ever.

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