Monday, July 18, 2011

Schaub and Kubiak: Bang Brothers

Leadership is a quality you hear about a lot. After actual physical skill and talent, leadership is arguably the most critical characteristic a quarterback needs. It's the mental half of the game; it goes hand-in-hand with composure.

Is Matt Schaub a leader (per society's definition of leadership on a football team)?? I would say so. He is clearly upset and disappointed with himself after throwing his patented bonehead interception. He's not a showoff where he starts cussing at himself and his teammates, but his body language conveys that same attitude.

Schaub has no competition at QB, and his coach has full faith in him. I'm not questioning his work ethic or anything like that, but without the threat of losing his job, I feel like he'll always be what he is: a system QB who makes awful decisions at the most critical times. He has never improved his pocket presence and decision making. He makes game-winning throws, he throws game-losing interceptions and decisions.

I like Schaub, but he is just like his coach, Gary Kubiak, who I hate. Kubiak is just like Schaub in the sense that he'll call one HELL of an offensive series that leaves the opposing defense dumbfounded, and the next series will look like the Texans under Chris Palmer.

I guess what I'm saying here is that the inconsistency of the Shaub/Kubiak tandem is the REAL roadblock.

In my opinion, leadership is defined by accountability. Kubiak is very's not often that he is visibly upset. Kubiak is stubborn - he wants to win his way. He doesn't respond to the other teams, he just runs his gameplan even if he knows how ineffective it is.

Basically, I reserve judgement on a lot of Texans players because I feel like the coaching staff and management has put them in a position to fail (a la Kareem Jackson, Steve Slaton). I'm not saying I necessarily had better options to Kareem at CB and Slaton at PR/KR, but then again, that's not my fucking job.

Schaub and Kubiak truly believe they're progressing and doing well as a team...never have they shared the disappointment of the fans. How stupid do they think we are? This is Texas - we know what football looks like. Schaub can take his relaxed attitude back to Virginia where they specialize in being a pussy (lacrosse, baseball, being a white collar snob), and Kubiak can take his shit back to Denver where they specialize in absolutely nothing (versus constantly trying to turn the Texans into the Houston Broncos).


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