Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Breaking Bad Season Finale Review

*******Disclaimer: If you haven't seen every episode of this show, don't read further, as it will spoil the whole series. No complaining about spoilers, you bitches...you've been warned.*******

I've decided to write up a few thoughts regarding the Breaking Bad season finale, and some thoughts on the series as a whole. Enjoy. Comment and leave some feedback on anything I may have missed!

  • I think that by now, we've figured out Vince Gilligan's style for story telling. I feel like if I can notice patterns. There are subtleties, sequences, camera shots and angles, side stories, ect...all in order to build up to some shocking scene. It may happen within an episode, take a few episodes, a whole season, or overlap seasons. 
  • I've heard two general reactions via Twitter about the finale: it was either the consistent, shocked, "DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?!" or it was seen as an "easy way out" for Walter. I would say it was just what I said - Gilligan's style for suspense. Add that to the finale being written to provide a lot of closure (thanks to Barry Stagg on that). 
  • Not to say that the episode wasn't great or mind-blowing, but this crazy shit has become so....routine? for Walter and Jesse, that, again, it seems a bit predictable. 
  • We all knew Gus was gonna die because there was no way it was going to be Jesse or Walter. That's just it - in real life, one of those two would certainly be dead by now, if not both. But those two ARE the show, so you can always predict their general fates - escaping improbable situations.
  • I was a BIG fan of how they killed Gus, but didn't like him walking out with half of a face and collapsing NEARLY as much as a majority of the audience. I thought it was unnecessary. Gus dying mid-yell would have been excellent to me. In that scenario, he would have known he was a goner when he was so sure of himself. For him to die helplessly in that way where he fell into Walter's trap, would have been more powerful than having him die the composed, dapper gentlemen he so prided himself on being.
  • I really think the show reached it's peak as far as suspense goes in the episodes leading up to the moment where you feel like Jesse is a deadman against the two children-killing gangsters, then from OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE, Walter runs one of them over and blasts the other guy in his head, and says to Jesse, "Run."
  • Wow. Nothing can top it. That was unreal. Runner up of the series was Gale getting shot as the season finale last year, and Gilligan choosing to carry over that episode's suspense into this season's premiere when Gus slit Victor's throat.
  • It was convenient that Mike was still in Mexico recuperating.
  • Walter poisoning Brock was obvious the second Jesse turned and walked away, leaving Walter there to display his relief that his manipulative ways did not leave an innocent child dead. Several times this season Walter showed how power hungry and selfish he really is inside. Walter, who felt as if his life's work was stolen by his colleagues and cancer, was given this chance to explore his masculinity. It's like when a nerd gets bullied and bullied and then shoots up a school. Hank has become the nerd shooting up his bullies.
  • Jesse has had a lack of growth from the beginning to now. He shows flashes, but he's still just some ex-junkie in the way he gets shook and rattled all the time. You'd think he get used to shit considering the events that have taken place. For example, he shot Gale RIGHT IN THE FACE. He's been shot while with Gus and Mike, and even killed someone while with them (freezing before finally reacting by shooting back). Through all of that, which would certainly alter a person's behavior in a similar situation, have Jesse acting like they never happened. Whereas with Walter, he's just become more hardened and sinister as a result of his illicit activities. That said, Jesse is probably my favorite character, I think he is the most realistic in that he responds to these intense situations the way most people would.

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