Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Overwhelmed, Chives Responds

Apparently cussing has made a lot rookies to the Gospel feel as if I am immature and racist. To those people, I will correct you all this one time.

I don't understand why fanboys feel the need to rush to the aide of celebrities and professional athletes. Why do you feel compelled to come at me for ripping a stupid asshole like VY? No one has a problem when I say shit about politicians, regardless of their party. No one has a problem when I say women deserve better treatment. No one has a fucking problem until you say something about their guy. Celebrities look down upon fanboys and haters the same - insignificant. They live in their own world. I can't even imagine what the stupid fucks would call me if I make fun of Obama again, they'll act like I'm Governor George Wallace. UNLIKE every Governor of Alabama in history, I'm not prejudice against any race. I am prejudice against stupidity. White, black, latin, middle eastern, asian, don't matter…And if you're a public figure, you're more than open season for bloggers. 

That's exactly what I aspire to be: a blogger. I don't work for anyone, or represent anything other than myself. I don't associate and cling to my university, city, brand names, or anything other dumb shit that 90% of people are obsessed with. I individualize myself by doing and saying what I feel. I don't need to have my posts fact-checked for risk I'll get sued, because anything I have ever said, posted, or written about in relation to my blog, is MY FUCKING OPINION. I'm an Aggie, but that school represents ME. The last I checked, universities don't pay non-scholarship students to attend. 

Normally, I would invite and welcome differing opinions. This issue is different. I don't want the opinion of any of you when speaking to my worldview. My worldview is a fact, and I'll address the parts of it that have been skewed by motherfuckers like Freaky Deaky. Here's a link to the on-air fight we had.

I used to listen to that guy call years ago, and was excited when he called in to discuss my VY article. Instead, he thought he was my fucking daddy and tried to tell me what I can and can't say. Would I say this stuff to Vince's face? First of all, I hope never to be that close to VY grotesque face. Second, it depends. If I was in the right mood, I'd tell pretty much ANYONE to suck my dick, even retard millionaire athletes. Especially them, actually. The "code" you speak of, that I so harshly broke, how does that apply to me? I really meant no disrespect to YOU. I did mean to disrespect the everliving shit out of Vince.

I haven't been able to let go of Freaky Deaky's comments. Because I didn't filter myself when talking on my blog, I am a "blowhard that won't make in the real world"? It's statements like this that have made me the person I am. Telling me I won't make it in the real world only makes me better. I'll make sure to remember that when I am accepted into the Hall of Fame of Badassery. When I speak, motherfuckers know instantly that I know what I am talking about; there is no perpetrating hostility. 

You look stupid getting so upset over how I wrote about VY. That was half the reason I wrote about VY: he has these blind fans who threaten kids half their age for making fun of him. You got mad like I was writing about REAL issues, like the drug war, terrorism, politics, made threats over VY (lol). That is more childish and "cheap" than anything I've ever written. Would I walk into Hiram Clarke and call people CUNTS?! NO, BUT WHO THE FUCK WOULD?!!? You think your hood's rules apply everywhere in the world (my website particularly)? Sorry to break it to you, but they sure as shit don't. I don't even obey all of Uncle Sam The Pusherman's rules, why the fuck would I heed yours?

So there, Freaky Deak. I don't write for you, or anybody the fuck else. I cuss a lot. I am more mature than you ever were at my age, as well as anyone you ever knew (famous, personally, DON'T MATTER). I never claimed to be a thug, or even acted hard. If I was being serious, I would have tweeted VY and said, "meet me at the playground after school - I'll be by the jungle-gym". You sound like a grumpy old man when you get so upset about me talking about someone who I'm pretty sure is not your damn family or friend. It's my fucking blog, I'll say anything about anyone, any fucking time. You don't have to like it, and I prefer someone like you DOESN'T read. You're not my target audience, my audience has a sense of humor, and a sense of fucking reality. Rethink your approach when talking to people. Come at me like I'm The Man? You realize how much I advocate on behalf of all colored people? All those oppressed by The Man all over the globe? NO YOU DON'T, because you chose to respond out of emotion instead of having a discussion. I don't care where you came from, I won't judge you or anyone else based on that. I liked you a lot because you were entertaining when you called. Now, I don't really like you, because you've made all the same assumptions about me that all the racist white people in College Station have. So take your own fucking advice, and act like a man. I don't need YOU of all fucking people to tell my ass how to act. 

I spend free time educating myself to the world, its issues, and its problems. Like everyone, I pay more attention to some sections of the news more than others. I never get info from Fox, CNN, or MSNBC…so go fuck yourself right now if you were ready to think I do. Do I like certain personalities/reporters from each station? Of course. You know what else I like? Free press. TV and any major media outlet is just a medium for propaganda (generally carried out by invincible forces such the CIA) I know better than the average population. I am what you would call "aware". So for ANY of these people to say "I'll whoop your young ignorant ass", all I'm hearing them say is how much older they are than me,  proving their own immaturity and ignorance.

While everyone else my age is checking their Facebook and jerking off to pics of their ex, I am too busy keeping up with the business world and other REAL issues as best I can. If you can go to my school, and find even ONE other kid that is like me, I'll suck your dick. Unfortunately for you, once kids leave a classroom, their minds are not thinking about the bigger picture; the bigger world that they are an insignificant part of. When I leave, I get stoned and continue the flow of information until I just can't take all the horrible news, and then get stoned again and watch cartoons. So I don't ever in my life want to hear random fucks try and act like they got me figured out. They don't know shit about me, other than what I put out there for them TO know. 


  1. Chives, I have gutter mouth.that makes U sound like Ghandi. It has keep me in hot water for alot of years. I've always lived by the credo of "don't what I think because I will tell U" All I can say is this make room for.opinions other than your own. It.maybe a dumb as fuck opinion but make room for it. Because folks make room.for your. Peace

  2. I don't care what you say Chives. I'm still fucking pissed you said I was like Vince Young. I'VE DONE NOTHING TO DESERVE THAT SHIT YOU INSENSITIVE PRICK.